NFL Announces Panthers Investigation Findings and Jameis Winston Update

Happy Friday! The National Football League made two announcements Thursday regarding the Carolina Panthers investigation findings and finally announced their ruling in the Jameis Winston suspension.

The NFL finally announced that Buccaneers Quarterback Jameis Winston will serve a three game suspension following a 2016 incident with a female Uber driver, which is pretty much what has been reported since this news broke a few weeks ago. But what’s most interesting about this situation is that Keyshawn Johnson said on his radio show last week that he believes something is wrong with Winston mentally because Winston seems to not be able to stay out of trouble. Johnson even went on to say that if Winston doesn’t shape up, he’ll find himself out of the NFL. Given Winston’s history Johnson’s words might have some truth to them. It’s also unclear if Winston will appeal the suspension, so you’ll have to stay tuned.

And the another major announcement Thursday regarding the investigation into the Carolina Panthers workplace misconduct by their former owner Jerry Richardson. The investigation led by former U.S. attorney Mary Jo White found that there allegations, including three cases of sexual harassment and use of a racial slur, against Richardson were valid and that the Panthers failed to report the allegations or the resolutions to the league. So the NFL fined Richardson $2.75 million. The NFL said in their statement that they were going to use that money to “support organizations dedicated to addressing race and gender-based issues in and outside the workplace.”

The Panthers were sold to David Tepper following the approval of the owners in May, which will hopefully help get the organization’s culture back on track.


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