2018 MLB All Star Snubs and Surprises


We are almost to the midway point of the Major League Baseball season, which means that it’s All-Star game time. Yesterday the MLB announced the rosters for the All-Star game and some people (and players) are not happy about the names not announced yesterday.

The most notable name left off the ASG roster is Blake Snell of the Tampa Bay Rays. Don’t know who that is? Well let me introduce you to the ERA leader in the MLB. Snell is 12-4, leads the American League with a 2.09 ERA, and has 132 strikeouts in 116 innings holding. Oh and he has held opponents to a .183 average, but yet he was left off the roster simply because he’s in his breakout season and thus doesn’t have the clout that the AL starting lineup has (Luis Severino, Justin Verlander, Gerrit Cole, Chris Sale, and Corey Kluber).  But still even after all the positions had been filled the MLB decided to pick Trevor Bauer over Snell, which from what I read was possibly to avoid Bauer’s angry tweets of being left off but still how can you ignore stats like Snells?

You can’t, which is fellow teammate Chris Archer took to social media to voice his displeasure (and I can’t help but agree with his points):

Then in the National League Max Muncy of the Los Angeles Dodgers was absent from the roster, which is confusing because he has had a great season thus far. Through just 66 games he’s hit .270/.410/.617 with 20 home runs. So maybe he doesn’t have enough at-bats (unlike guys like Bryce Harper), but still if he’s hitting that well how could he not be included on the roster?

It’s just further prove that the selection process for the All-Star game needs some major updates. In case you are unfamilir with how the rosters are selected let me break it down for you (thank you MLB All-Star FAQ for the info):

There are 24 National League spots and 23 American League and 1 AL designated hitter spots.

  • Of those spots: 16 NL spots are voted on by players and 17 AL (eight pitchers [five starters & three relievers], including a backup for each position.
  • Then the Commissioner’s Office selects seven NL players (four pitchers, three position players) and five AL players (four pitchers, one position player)
  • Then fans fill the 32nd and final spot on each roster via the final Vote Ballet.

So to explain how these egregious snubs could’ve happened could quite simply be that players aren’t aware of all the guys stats in the league. It’s easier to defeat back to the big name guys like Sale and Verlander because they have been around the game longer and have impressive stats. So really I can’t blame guys for not including the young guys because they just aren’t familiar with them (unless they’ve played against them). So the MLB could actually do a bit of leg work and make sure that players voting are aware of the more impressive stats by young guys, but there’s not guarantee that guys will actually look at the information.

Plus I really want to place the blame for these snubs on the MLB because they have a say in some of these spots. Those voting in the league office should also be aware of guys like Muncy and Snell because they supposed to be playing close attention to the games right? So they should take the proactive step and ensure that these guys with impressive first halves of the year are getting the recognition they rightly deserve.

As if the MLB wasn’t taking quite a hit today with their ASG Roster Snubs, New York Yankees stars Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton have passed on the Home Run Derby which is quite the blow. Those two are what I like to call guaranteed Dinger Hitters, so to not have them completing in the hardest ASG competition dims my excitement about it a bit.

Are you looking forward to the All Star game this year or are you just ready for the second half of the season?



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