NBA Free Agency Roundup

Alright, I guess I’ve avoided the topic long enough. Let’s talk about what’s been happening in the National Basketball League Free Agency from the unsurprising to the what were they thinking signing there moves.

You should already know that we’re gonna start with LeBron James signing with the Los Angeles Lakers and now not surprised I am that he did. Signing with the Lakers makes sense for LeBron because they need the most help and will definitely let him run the team. He might even whip those youngsters into shape and possibly help make Lonzo Ball a better ball player (bonus points if LeBron can actually get Papa Ball to keep his unwanted opinions to himself). Plus I also think that Luke Walton will be a good coach for LeBron because he was part of LeBron’s Draft class and knows how to deal with super stars. It should also be noted that Rajon Rondo also signed with the Lakers which shocked the heck outta me, but hey good for him.

Paul George inked a four-year deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder, which to some would come as a surprise, but to me it came as no surprise. George had a great year with the Thunder and most likely has bought into the mission of the team and with Russell Westbrook as a teammate, the Thunder will only get better and better (hopefully).

Kevin Durant signed a new deal with the Golden State Warriors, which should come as no surprise to anyone. Durant’s work with the Warriors is far from done and now with LeBron out of the Eastern Conference the road to a championship just got a lot easier.

DeMarcus Cousins signed with the Warriors which sounds like a really good idea to me. Cousins has a lot of talent and by going to the Warriors he can just focus on playing great ball instead of having to help carry a lackluster roster.

DeAndre Jordan has finally bid goodbye to the Los Angeles Clippers and is headed to Dallas. Yeah, the same Dallas that he got into slight beef with last time when Clipper teammates were able to talk Jordan into returning to the Clippers (until those said teammates themselves got traded/left the team). This move falls in the middle of the spectrum for me because while I’m not surprised that Jordan left the Clippers who were going nowhere fast, I’m surprised he’d choose to go to Dallas. I almost think that the Rockets would’ve been a better match for him, but I guess we’ll wait and see what happens.

Finally here’s the most what were they thinking moves that honestly still have me scratching my head.

The Chicago Bulls matched an offer for Zach Levine, which if you read all the articles the Bulls will regret doing. It seems like they are putting all their eggs in one basket and for a team that has struggled to consistently make the playoffs could’ve and should’ve tried to land a big name free agent to speed up the rebuilding efforts. Coming from a girl who remembers the Jordan, Pippen, Rodman Golden Era of the Bulls I’m ready for my hometown team to get back to their former glory (and erase the Derrick Rose era from my memory).

Isaiah Thomas has signed a one-year deal with the Denver Nuggets. I know you’re probably wondering why and I honestly have no idea. Thomas must really hate LeBron to not even want to be associated with the Lakers after being traded their last season to then sign a deal with the Nuggets. If someone could explain to me why this is actually a good move that would be awesome.

And there you have it, my breakdown of the biggest NBA Free Agency moves. Hopefully the rest of the NBA off-season will pass quietly (unless Carmelo Anthony finally lands somewhere) and we can all just enjoy the rest of the summer.

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