Former NHL Players Class Action Suit Hits Snag

Friday Judge Susan Richard Nelson overseeing the National Hockey League concussion lawsuit denied two proposed class action lawsuits brought by former NHLers.

In the 46 page ruling, Judge Nelson stated that the difference in state health monitoring laws would make it significantly difficult to manage the cases. Which given how many different states that NHL operates in is a valid argument because there is no universal way to monitor health.

The landmark lawsuit was filed five years ago and this denial is a major win for the NHL. If the case was granted class action status it would open the floodgates for other former players to join the suit.The Associated Press reported that there were over 5,000 former players that would have joined the suit if they had won.

What happens next? Are we gearing up for a lengthy battle like we had with the NFL concussion case that was settled almost three years ago? Because even though the NFL players won with the settlement they have yet to see anything money from their claims.

Since the players have a period of time to file their appeal, I would imagine that they would include evidence to show how the league, despite the state’s individual laws, should still take proactive measures to ensure that all of their players know exactly what kind of career and post career life they are signing up for.

This leagal battle is far from over.

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