Pro Football Hall of Fame V. Terrell Owens

After finally getting voted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Terrell Owens will not give his speech at Canton. Instead Owens has decided to have his celebration at the University of Tennessee because of the university’s importance in his life.

In their response the Hall of Fame has decided that they are going to make little to no mention of Owens instead choosing to focus on the guys that will be in attendance at Canton. Joe Horrigan, President of the Hall of Fame, said that it’s not like they weren’t going to give Owens his jacket, his jacket was actually sent in the mail. They are just choosing to not include him in the festivities. Other Hall of Famers like Michael Irvin have spoken out in agreement with the Hall of Fame’s decision.

And I’m not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I agree that if Owens decides not to attend the festivities, then they have a right to not mention Owens and should focus their attention on those that have joined them to celebrate. But on the other hand I feel like the Hall of Fame is being a bit petty because Owens decided to have his ceremony somewhere that is important to him. It’s almost like the Hall of Fame feels like Owens threw egg on their face and now they have to try and make themselves look better than Owens, especially with the rumblings of Owens doing this because he’s mad at the voters for not electing him the past two times.

Ultimately I agree with Owens holding his ceremony at the university because why not show them love after all that’s where he got his start. Now I’m not giving the thought that this is petty revenge move to the voters that didn’t elect him, I’m focusing only on the positive aspects of this gesture. Plus if you think about it, this move is great because it allows more of Owens fans and supporters to come out and celebrate the honor.

Plus who doesn’t love a little drama prior to an event to drum up spectators?

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