Another MLB Player’s Offensive Tweets Released

Yet again guess what happened? A Major League Baseball player’s derogatory tweets from his youth have been released, this time Sean Newcomb of the Atlanta Braves is the one apologizing for dumb stuff he tweeted in his “youth”. After the apology and news hit the air waves, Washington National’s shortstop Trea Turner also found his own dumb tweets resurfacing.

So I ask when are young people going to learn that what you post in your “youth” will most definitely come back and haunt you? When are the pro leagues going to learn to make sure that they are aware of these posts up front so that all parties can be ready when they hit the front page?

I heard an interesting take this morning on the Dan Patrick Show that while addressing Newcomb, applies to every athlete across every league, why not take a trip back to your former high school and tell these kids your story in hopes of stopping them from posting racial slurs, gay slurs, and anything else stupid to avoid this later on in life.

Because at this point no longer will I accept the I’m sorry for what I said when I was younger and didn’t know any better, because I remember having people in high school tell my classes to be mindful of what you’re posting on social media because it’s going to come back and haunt you and sure it was mostly to avoid those fun solo cup photos, the point still stands. You can’t say that since you were younger than twenty years old you didn’t know better because you most likely did no better but still chose to be “cool” and post it anyway.

It’s time that college coaches and high school coaches start taking an interest into what their players are posting and using these athletes as examples as to why they should keep their social platforms 100% family friendly because otherwise it will come back and bite you even if you don’t go professional. Potential universities and employers can easily find stupid social media posts if they wanted to which could then result in you not getting the job or getting into the university.

So I have to ask is the momentary euphoria of likes/retweets/comments worth the hassle that will came later on? No it’s not.

Heed what’s happened to Josh Hader, Newcomb, and Turner and maybe just maybe don’t post the rap lyrics you’re obsessed with that contain racial slurs or derogatory language towards gay people or women. You’ll find better engagement without that type of content.

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I'm just a girl addicted to sports who happens to have a talent for writing.

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