NFL Hits Mute on Hypocritical Jerry Jones

In an effort to finally move on from the national anthem discussions, the National Football League has told Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones to stop talking about it. This comes after reports surfaced that Jones was planning on punishing any Cowboys player that didn’t participate in the national anthem, which you know drew criticism from the media and players including Richard Sherman. Sherman wasn’t surprised by Jones statement re: anthem punishments and even said that Jones had a plantation mentality.

Jones seem to have a complex where he can do no wrong. I mean this guy thought it was okay to employ a guy who violently assaulted his girlfriend, allows players to repeatedly use substances with no punishment, and fought the league because he didn’t want his star player to own up to his mistakes.

But kneel for the anthem to bring awareness to issues affecting the communities his money-making players grew up in and that’s where Jones draws the line. I know it makes no sense. It seems as if Jones doesn’t care what his players do off the field as long as they help the team maintain their mediocre record year-in and year-out, but how dare you peacefully protest while he’s paying you.

Oh and Jones also believes that he is allowed to wear a hat during the national anthem but again take a knee and you’re going to face punishment (probably in front of the team and media to make an example out of said player).

So really it comes as no surprised that the league finally told Jones to stop talking about the anthem and a bunch of other off-field nonsense to hopefully have the talk die down before the start of football this week. Jones can’t go after Roger Goodell for supposedly overstepping his boundaries because it hurt the league and not expect the league to do the same to him when he’s out painting the league as dictators who only care about making money and not the communities supporting them. And honestly the league is doing Jones a favor by silencing him, what with how hypocritical he’s been the last few years.

I would even take it a step further that the league have a serious discussion with Jones about the image he’s portraying onto the league. Jones needs to realize that his comments are casting a negative shadow not only on the Cowboys organization but the league as well because if one owner feels like that the public would believe that all owners feel like that. They should probably remind him of league-friendly talking points that focus on the excitement of the new season to shift the focus from off-the field nonsense to on the field work (ya know the stuff that really matters).



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