Let’s Get Real about the Ohio State Urban Meyer Situation

After watching a bunch of interviews and reading a lot of articles regarding the current situation at Ohio State involving head football coach Urban Meyer, I’ve come to the conclusion that people are missing the entire point as to why Meyer’s actions are a problem.

Meyer and his staff is responsible for 85 players who look up to their coaches as mentors and role models of how to be a good person, so to have someone on there who thinks that it’s okay to put his hands on a woman, his wife, is inexcusable. Zach Smith should’ve been fired back in 2009 when this whole mess started, but instead Meyer figured out a way to “counsel” the young couple so that Smith could have a career in football.

To anyone claiming that Meyer didn’t know about the abuse, let’s get real. There is NO way that Meyer’s wife Shelley knew about it and didn’t say a damn thing to him about it, especially because of how close of a relationship the Meyers have. Smith’s ex-wife Courtney also stated that Shelley was going to tell Urban about the abuse because of the severity of the situation. And yes I know there is no proof that Shelley told him in terms of a paper trail, but come on now let’s get real.The same goes for the other wives who knew, there is NO way that they would decide to keep this to themselves.

So whether Urban gets fired or not, isn’t the issue. The issue is that Smith was allowed to continue coaching after the 2009 incident and after getting arrested in 2015 for violating the restraining order Courtney was granted. He was allowed to be around impressionable young men who might pick up on his actions and think that it’s okay. Even if the players had no idea that Smith was abusive to his wife, they would still see his temper and attitude and think that they too can act like that.

Meyer should’ve done more to ensure that Courtney Smith was safe even if that meant helping her leave because it’s the right thing to do. The fact that Meyer did nothing but tell his superiors about the incident is unforgivable and disgusting, especially given that Meyer has two daughters. What kind of example does that send to his daughters? That it’s okay for a man to beat up on his wife as long as he’s got talent in his field.

The only victim in this whole situation is Courtney Smith because she had to endure years of abuse and the scary situation of leaving that situation because the stats of women leaving an abusive situation and surviving are scary. She’s incredibly brave for putting her life at risk to save her life and protect her children.

After all my research into this, I believe that Meyer should be fired because of his gross negligence of letting Smith continue to coach after putting his hands on his wife instead of putting wins on the field over Courtney’s safety. But given my skepticism, I don’t believe that Ohio State isn’t going to fire Meyer instead will find a way to spin it to make it go away after doing their investigation.

UPDATE: Zach Smith sat down with ESPN where he stated that he told Urban about the incident in 2015 where he was simply responding in defense to his ex-wife’s action and described the relationship as Toxic. Meyer also released a statement where he shifted blame to Ohio State claiming that he went through the proper channels thus setting the defense of breach of contract if he were to get fired. So now Ohio St is in the hot seat for not firing Smith after the 2015 incident, if they were aware of it.

Even after this media blitz, my opinion that Smith is disgusting human being for ever putting his hands on a women and Meyer not doing everything he could to help Courtney Smith leave an abusive situation thus making him complicit in the mess and should be punished remains.

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