Jaguars Jalen Ramsey Gets Week Off as Punishment

Jacksonville Jaguars Cornerback Jalen Ramsey has been suspended for a week from training camp following his “threat” towards Phillip Heiman, a Jaguars beat reporter. Ramsey had issue with a beat reporter tweeting out a video of a altercation during practice and voiced his concern on Twitter threatening the media.

The Jaguars decided to suspended Ramsey for a week of training camp as punishment. For Ramsey whose roster spot is pretty much guaranteed that means he gets a week off to relax and not deal with training camp, which every veteran would love to have. So really how is this punishment for Ramsey?

If the Jaguars really wanted to punish Ramsey they would make him work harder in training camp and do every single media interview answering every single question. By doing this, Ramsey then has to face the same media he threatened and called fake and then by having to do more reps and more work in practice he’ll learn that the Jags aren’t messing around when it comes to this kind of stuff. Let’s also tack on a fine for his actions that will really hit him in the pocketbook.

There was an interesting thought that this suspension might not be solely based on the tweet Ramsey sent, instead it might be the final straw for the Jags. Ramsey might have a few more infractions that the Jags are tired of dealing with his antics and want him to sit out for a week to cool off and get his head on right. (Though I suspect he’ll be living it up on his mini vacation while his teammates do practice in the hot Florida sun).

Either way Ramsey gets a week off from training camp without having to really own up to his Twitter antics, so I’d venture to guess the Jaguars missed the end zone on this one.

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