The Daniel Murphy Catch-22

Monday the Washington Nationals signaled all hope is lost for the 2018 season and began what is being affectionately called a fire sale which resulted in Daniel Murphy finding his way to Chicago. When the news officially broke Tuesday fans had a mixed reaction due in part to Murphy’s talent on the field and his controversial comments regarding homosexuality.

Now I want to take a second to mention that I don’t in any way agree with what Murphy is quoted as saying but as much his comments pain me, those are his beliefs that he’s entitled to those feelings. But what really irks me is his need to express those views in the media because all it was going to do was outrage large quantities of people. I honestly believe that this is one of those times were he should’ve avoided the questions about his beliefs.

Also there is a large quantity of people on Twitter who believe that since Murphy expressed his ‘beliefs’ respectfully he’s not homophobic. Which is false because saying the statements does make him homophobic because he is discrediting the LGBTQ community. Which if you look up the definition of homophobia it’s encompasses a wide range of negative attitudes and feelings towards members of the LGBTQ community. So I don’t care how he said it, it doesn’t negate what he’s actually saying.

So I found myself in age hold sports catch-22 because I know that the Cubs need a guy like Murphy who hits well and can drastically help score runs, but I can’t get over his remarks off the field. So I don’t know how to feel about this roster move because the thought of my beloved hometown team bringing in a guy like Murphy physically hurts my heart. Sports are supposed to bring people together not tear them apart. (Before you say anything, I hated when the Cubs brought in Aroldis Chapman).

But I’m going with my gut and no matter how hot Murphy’s bat is, I don’t think that the Cubs made a smart decision bringing him in because his disagreement with those in the LGBTQ community. There comes a time when teams have to think about the message their sending to their fans when they bring in guys like Murphy and Chapman. I know there’s a fat chance that this will actually happen, but here’s hoping that one day it might actually be a reality.


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