The Disgusting Truth About Ohio State and Urban Meyer

Ohio State has reached a resolution in the Urban Meyer situation and honestly it’s disgusting how badly they missed the mark. In an unbearable to watch press conference the university acknowledged that Meyer knew about the domestic violence in some fashion and decided that they would only be suspending him for three games. And in true Meyer fashion he failed to actually apologize to Courtney Smith, the real victim in this whole situation.

What disappoints me the most is how not surprising this news is. I knew that Meyer wouldn’t be punished that severely because he’s a winning football coach and the OSU powerhouse will do anything to ensure that stay a powerhouse football program. Ohio State proved last night that all they care about is winning and with Urban Meyer at the helm of the football team they’re bound to win. And to the trustees, how dare you care more about some football players getting free tattoos over your football coach doing absolutely nothing to protect a woman being abused by her husband.

OSU should probably remove the words “Treat Women with Respect” from the wall because it’s a joke and the players now know that they can do whatever they want and get away with it. Meyer proved that it’s not a core value because he allowed one of his coaches to violate that value time and time again with no repercussions.

I’m absolutely sick just even thinking about this whole mess because Ohio State had an opportunity to do the right thing and put Courtney Smith’s ordeal ahead of their football program, but instead they choose to stand behind a man that KNEW that his assistant coach was BEATING his wife and continued to employ him because of his loyalty to the family and his desire to win. I don’t know how any rational human being could support a program after this, but I know that the Buckeye Nation will forgive Meyer and OSU because that’s just how it goes with a winning coach.

Also the fact that Shelley Meyer isn’t being held accountable for her failure to do anything in this situation is just as disgusting. As an employee of the University she had a duty to report what Courtney Smith was sending her, so to not reprimand her in any sense is just another failure on OSU’s part.

Ultimately, I’m sorry that Courtney Smith has to deal with this. She deserves better treatment from both Meyer and the university after the years of abuse she suffered.


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