Let’s Break Down the Mychal Kendricks Situation

A mere twelve hours after Cleveland Browns Mychal Kendricks was featured on HBO’s “Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Cleveland Browns” news broke that Kendricks was involved with insider trading, a serious criminal offense. At first it was stated that he was being indicted, which means that a Grand Jury saw sufficient evidence of a crime, but then it was clarified that Kendricks was involved.

I want to mention here that Michael McCann wrote a fantastic article for Sports Illustrated that goes in-depth into this wild situation.

Kendricks’s attorney Michael Schwartz shared a statement where Kendricks admits to participating in insider trading but that he didn’t understand the details of his actions. Though he admits to knowing that his actions were wrong. Which seems is a lackluster statement, you knew your actions were wrong but didn’t understand what you actually doing? Come on Kendricks, let’s be real here. You just admitting that your conduct is wrong is enough of an admission of guilt for me.

Besides all the actions detailed in SI article that I cannot stress you read enough, what really boggles my mind is how the Browns have handled this situation. It sounds like Kendricks was “open” with the Browns by informing them of what’s going on but probably withheld just how involved he was in the situation because the Browns weren’t surprised by the charges. Once the Browns realized just how big of a part Kendricks played in this situation, they were swift to cut ties with him. Did the Browns not check with the federal government about Kendricks’s involvement? Because I’m fairly positive that since the Browns were looking to employ Kendricks that they could’ve been told just how severe the situation was (but I could be wrong). The same goes for the Eagles, did they know about Kendricks’s legal issues and just how tell the Browns? Alternatively, if the Eagles were in fact aware what did they do in response?

There is no doubt that the National Football League is going to be busy getting to bottom of this with both teams because there was a severe lack of due diligence in the handling of this situation. Because in reality this is just another mark on the NFL’s PR image this week that they don’t need heading into the first week of the regular season.



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