The Hypocrisy of Burning Nike Protests

Nike set fans ablaze when they released their 30th anniversary #JustDoIt campaign and former National Football League Quarterback Colin Kaepernick was the face of the campaign. In protest of Nike, some fans began burning their Nike shoes and vowing to never buy their product because of their support of Kaepernick and his protesting of the National Anthem to bring awareness of racial injustices.

But why bother burning/destroying products that have already been paid for?

To those fans that felt the need to burn their expensive Nike shoes in protest of Nike supporting Kaepernick, you are hypocrites. You claim that Kaepernick isn’t patriotic because he chose to kneel for the national anthem thus disrespecting veterans and those serving our country, but yet you choose to burn your shoes instead of donating them to the veterans that have found themselves homeless because of PTSD gained from their service. So really what are you protesting? (They probably don’t even know).

It also blew my mind to see people burning their Nike shoes thinking that Nike was going to care any bit about it. You’ve already given the company your money in buying the shoes and there is somebody out there that is going to buy Nike products because of their support of Kaepernick. Plus I guarantee that Nike wasn’t concerned about the hit their books would take because off the popularity of their brand and their history of sticking with athletes that make the public uncomfortable (i.e. keeping Tiger after his cheating scandal and Kobe after the rape allegations).

They knew that they would face a minor hit in terms of stocks and revenue but they will bounce back in the long run. Plus having seen the ad that will run during tomorrow’s NFL season-kickoff it’s a powerful ad that pushes for people to follow their crazy dreams because it’s worth it.

To those that burned their shoes yesterday, I hope you enjoyed your mere seconds of viral fame because Nike (& myself) won’t spare you a second thought after this.

Published by kaysinde

I'm just a girl addicted to sports who happens to have a talent for writing.

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