What’s Going on in Oakland?

First the Oakland Raiders sign Jon Gruden to a $100 million dollar contract to get him out of the broadcasting booth and back on the sidelines, then they trade away star Defensive End Khalil Mack to the Chicago Bears. Now the city of Oakland is filing a lawsuit against that team that could leave them without a home stadium next year, so what on earth is going on in Oakland?

Now I understand to some extent thinking that Gruden is going to be able to right the ship and bring the team back to some of their former glory. But paying him $100 million dollars just because of what he once could do this insane. The game has changed so much since Gruden was last on the sideline so whose to say if he’s even going to be successful this time around.

Plus he actually agreed to trading away the team’s best player in Mack who is now giving Bears fans hopes that the team will actually see some playoff action this year (doubtful but dreams are free). From what I understand Gruden didn’t reach out to Mack at any point during training camp while he was holding out for a contract extension, but maybe that’s because he knew that the Raiders are going to be terrible this year and wanted to give Mack a chance to help a team better than he could the Raiders. But that thought would infuriate me if I were a Raiders fan because now the team doesn’t stand a chance to win games not without their defensive cornerstone.

And now the city of Oakland is filing an antitrust lawsuit against the team for their impending move to Las Vegas. From what I’ve gathered the lawsuit could force the team to leave Oakland earlier than they planned thus living them stadium-less next year. But I can’t really blame the city because what’s the point of announcing a move to another city before you even have a stadium to move into? Did the Raiders really think that the city would be okay with them staying after announcing their move? That’s like breaking up with your significant other and saying you’re gonna move on in two years, it makes no sense.

Which brings me to the question, what’s going on in Oakland? It seems like there’s one fire to put out after another that hinders success. And I’m honestly not sure if the team can be successful this year what with the thought that their head coach doesn’t have faith they will be great this year with trading away Mack and then the looming possibility that they won’t have a home stadium next year. The Raiders might want to possibly find a place to start building their home stadium just in case the city of Oakland does win and kicks them out.

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