Raiders Can Blame Their Loss on Jon Gruden

After a fairly disappointing opening weekend, I hoped that the Monday Night Football doubleheader was going to turn it all around and I wasn’t wrong. While I’m shocked that Sam Darnold was able to turn on his football genius and completely stomped on the Detriot Lions, I’m more surprised by what happened during the Oakland Raiders game.

During the Lions v. Jets game, I saw a clip of Jon Gruden talking about Khalil Mack saying Mack didn’t want to be in Oakland that he was under contract and should’ve been practicing with the team.

Now I’m a firm believer in the notion that negativity breeds negativity so when I saw that clip I knew that Gruden was playing with fire by putting out that bad juju. Of course, the universe wanted to make it interesting so for awhile I wonder if maybe Gruden and his Raiders would actually pull out the win. But alas the universe came back and the Los Angeles Rams found their rhythm and came back to win the game.

Karma aside, I can’t help but wonder about the timing of the comments. Why air your grievances with Mack to ESPN prior to the first game of the season? Why not just share your feelings when the trade first happens? It sounded like a bitter ex who wanted to trash their former significant other to make themselves look better.

It was especially odd because of Mack’s dominate performance the night before against the Packers thus proving that he did in fact want to play and would’ve probably played for the Raiders if they had acknowledged his talent. So Gruden’s comments just made him look like he was trying to save face for his epic failure to keep his best player (because ya know he didn’t want to lose his monster contract).

Hopefully Gruden will learn that if he puts negative energy out into the universe right before games the universe is gonna come and knock you on your backside and punish you with the L.

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