Tennis Umps Threaten to Boycott Serena’s Matches

I saw on twitter a trending article where some anonymous tennis umpires threatened that they were going to boycott any Serena Williams matches following the backlash Carlos Ramos faced from the Women’s US Open (but they claim there is no gender bias). Before you get as angry as I did reading the headline, the gripe seems to be with the United States Tennis Association and not necessarily Serena Williams.

I think that the umps boycotting Serena only gives her allegations more credit because she was right to get upset with Ramos. He was accusing her of cheating and she’s worked her whole career to play a clean game so it’s only natural that she would have a passionate response to the allegation. His allegations also might have thrown her off her game a bit though her opponent Naomi Osaka was a beast that I think would’ve won either way. I’ve seen male tennis players do and say a lot worse and not even get a verbal warning to toe the line. So Ramos might have been within the letter of the tennis laws, but still you can’t enforce the law for females and let males get away with it.

In further articles, the umps are thinking about creating a union because they feel that Ramos was hung out to dry like nobody has their back when they make unpopular calls. But what I think they fail to realize is that it seems like the rules aren’t equally applied so of course there will be backlash. There’s no point in having rules if they are only going to be applied to the females. But I do think that forming a union could ultimately be a good idea, especially since the umps are upset with the USTA. It would help give umps like Ramos a voice when they have to make the tough calls.

But in all seriousness, tennis does have a serious gender bias on their hands from the French Open banning Serena’s catsuit (that she created for medical reasons not fashion) to French tennis star Alize Cornet getting penalized for quickly fixing her shirt prior to her match (though the guys do it all the time). Even tennis star John McEnroe even stated that he had done a lot worse than Williams did during tournaments and wasn’t punished, so I think that the umps need to be more concerned with equally applying the law than going after the sports biggest name.


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