NFL OT Needs an Overhaul

Welcome to the Overreaction Monday where National Football League fans are overreacting about what happened during yesterday’s game action either negatively or positively. So let’s break down the biggest happenings.

Week One of NFL action found the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns tying to start the season. And prior to Sunday’s Packers v. Vikings game I would have told you that there was no chance there would be another tie this week, well thanks to kickers on both sides being unable to make kicks, the Vikings managed to come back from a 20-3 deficit and take the game to Overtime. The Vikings rookie kicker was unable to make the kick so the teams tied. So now I have to ask why hasn’t the NFL changed the regular season overtime rules? I don’t understand why it’s only one ten minute OT when you have situations where neither team can score after getting the ball. In the case of the Packers and Vikings this is going to make playoff time a bit difficult because of spots.

But having a second game end in a tie wasn’t the craziest thing that happened in the NFL yesterday. Nope that honor is given to Buffalo Bills Vontae Davis who at halftime of the Bills v. Los Angeles Chargers game where the Bills were down 28-6, Davis decided that he was done playing football. Now the immediate reaction was that Davis was just tired of playing for a losing team given the Bills’ 47-3 spanking in Week 1. Bills Linebacker Lorenzo Alexander’s reaction post game I think summed up how a lot of people felt about the sudden retirement.

Then Vontae himself released a statement today about what transpired yesterday.

vontae davis statement
Courtesy of @NFL on Twitter

Now while I believe in the power of an Oprah style “Aha Moment” it’s the timing and his subsequent actions I have a problem with. To me, it looks like Davis was tired of how terribly the Bills were playing and decided he was done playing for them. Which isn’t fair to his teammates or the Bills organization because Davis went there to play for the Bills and help them win games and after playing terribly for two games Davis is done. At least stick it out until the end of the game and then like an adult sit down with the General Manager and Head Coach and tell them you’re retiring.

Also retirement didn’t just come to Davis, he’s probably thinking about whether he should retire for awhile. A decision of this magnitude doesn’t just happen in a split second, so that part of this whole thing I call BS on.

And finally to round out a crazy game action day, we have Sunday Night Football with the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys which was a terrible game. Sure the Cowboys pulled out the win in the division, but neither team played a fantastic football games. I don’t know what happened to the Giants but their offensive line allowed the Cowboys to sack Eli Manning six times. On the other side of the ball Dak Prescott while accurate a majority of the time kept throwing high balls that were impossible to catch. So while the Giants need to do a deep reset on their football operations and actually learn how to play football, the Cowboys have a lot of work to do in terms of Prescott’s ball management.

Here’s hoping that tonight’s Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears game redeems last night’s terrible action.


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