PGA to Punish Jordan Spieth?

Imagine my surprise when during a mundane part of my day I see a notification from ESPN with the vague description of how Professional Golfer Jordan Spieth will atone for failing to compete in 25 events. The description was just vague enough to grab my attention because why would Spieth have to atone for not playing in a certain number of events this year?

The Professional Golfer Association has a rule since the 2016-17 season that golfers must compete in an event they haven’t played in the past four years or to avoid the “major penalty” they must play in 25 events each season. This major penalty could be a minimum $20,000 fine or facing a three tournament suspension.

By Spieth failing to qualify for the Tour Championship next week and only playing in the upcoming Ryder Cup he’s at 24 events for the year. So Spieth had to make it right with the PGA and from the article Spieth and the PGA have come to a resolution. The ESPN article also stated that Spieth will be adding events, most likely in the fall, a time when Spieth normally wouldn’t be playing.

Plus Spieth shouldn’t have relied on making the Tour Championship to qualify for the 25 events. I know that golf is a demanding sport having to compete at such a high level for so many tournaments a year but Spieth should’ve made sure that he was on track to complete the required number of tournaments. The PGA is trying to do everything they can to continue to grow the sport of golf.

I’m actually a fan of this rule, more so the adding a new event policy. It forces golfers to not just play in the same tournaments each year and give fans even more chances to see their favorite golfers in action. There are of course exemptions to the rule, veteran players 45 years or older or lifetime members with 20 or more PGA Tour victories do not have to follow the 1 in 4 rule.

It’s also exciting as a fan of golf to know that Spieth will be competing in more events next year because when he’s on his game it’s fun to watch. Now I just need Dustin Johnson to win a major and I’ll be a happy golf fan.



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