Jimmy Butler V. Timberwolves?

What on earth is going on with the Minnesota Timberwolves? It seems like there is a whole lot of drama going on with players subtweeting and posting passive agressive Instagram stories aimed at their fellow teammates

And most importantly it seems as All-Star Point Guard Jimmy Butler has requested a trade wanting to take his talents somewhere warmer. Although it was reported that one of the teams that Butler requested a trade to was the Los Angeles Clippers and unless Butler is content to play on a team in a midst of a deep rebuild he’s not going to win any championships anytime soon there. The other two times floating around are the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks.

Now from what I’ve read it doesn’t seem like a complete shocker that Butler wants out of the organization. Head Coach and President of Operations Tom Thibodeau has created quite a mess in the front office. Which is understandable because how can a head coach also manage the basketball operations team effectively? There’s bound to be tension and chaos as Thibodeau’s attention is being pulled in multiple directions.

There’s also the thought that Butler just doesn’t want to deal with Andrew Wiggins and Karl Anthony Towns’ nonchalant attitudes anymore. If even a little bit true would be understandable because Butler just wants to play good basketball and help the Timberwolves reach the playoffs and that’s hard when there’s guys on the roster that aren’t as committed as he is.

I’m leaning towards the thought process of this being all about contracts and Butler having the chance to make even more money elsewhere. I heard on a sports radio show that Butler would make somewhere in the $190 million if he stayed in Minnesota and if he went to say the Clippers could make somewhere in the $200 million range. So if you were Butler wouldn’t you go somewhere that could pay you the big bucks?

Like always I’ll be updating this post as more information comes out and ya know we’ll see what happens come Monday with the Timberwolves Media day.

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