The NFL’s Rougher the Passer Problem

Monday night there were four roughing the passer fouls called between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Pittsburgh Steelers, bringing the grand total to 34 through three weeks of National Football League action. But the NFL’s competition committee doesn’t seem to be in a rush to solve the problem.

And fans thought the new helmet rule was gonna be a pain in the butt this season.

The competition committee does have a regularly scheduled conference call some time next week, but from what I read from on the regarding this trend of roughing the passer calls, they are not 100% sure they are going to change anything about it from the way it’s enforced/getting rid of the call. Simply because it revolves around player safety, since the call (when used correctly) is designed to protect the QB from defensive lineman bulldozing them.Now of course if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wants to change the way the rule is enforced then the committee will be more inclined to discuss possible enforcement changes.

Now I’m hoping that the NFL does change the way in which this rule is enforced because it’s getting out of hand. There were 4 roughing calls during last night’s game alone and poor Clay Matthews of the Green Bay Packers seems to be the target getting at least one call every week. Now in the case of Matthews there was one against Alex Smith this week in Washington that actually seemed like it was the right call, but the one against Kirk Cousins during the Minnesota game was totally off-base and might have caused the game to tie.

I understand that the play is meant to protect players, but referees aren’t enforcing the rules the same way because Aaron Rodgers was lit up during the game in Washington and there was no call. So how can they call it on Matthews but then completely ignore it when Washington is the one attacking the QB?

If the committee won’t change the way the rule is enforced then at least make sure that it’s been equally enforced because if you’re gonna ruin my viewing experience by calling roughing the passer every time a QB is taken to the ground legally or illegally then go all out. It’s already ruining the viewing experience because I do get irrationally angry when a BS call is called thus moving the team back when they’re driving down the field and I believe that it’s a shared sentiment across all NFL fans.

Since there is not going to be any updates until next week, let’s all get excited about another weekend filled with questionable roughing the passer calls and hope that next week the competition committee figures it out.

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