Who is Ready for MLB Game 163?

Leading into the final regular season action of the 2018 Major League Baseball season, four teams needed one win and one loss to decide the winner of their respective decisions. But 162 games just wasn’t enough to crown a winner so the MLB will have two tie-breaker games on Monday October 1st to decide who plays in the Wild Card game on Tuesday and who gets a day off before starting their playoff run.

Now I should mention here that I am a Chicago Cubs loyal fan, have been since I was little, so to say that I was intensely watching the Cubs win against the Cardinals and obsessively checking the Brewers score is an understatement. Everyone in my house was on the edge of their seat waiting to see how today’s action would shake out. And while I’m not entirely happy that the Cubs have to play tomorrow to crown the winner, I’m also kind of excited because I love those do or go home moments. I know it’s not a go home moment, it’s a win or go to the one and done playoff game. But still it’s exciting to think about a tie-breaker, the ultimate show of which team will hold the division crown.

I’m also interested to see the Los Angeles Dodgers v. Colorado Rockies tie-breaker game because it’s like the veteran playoff team and the rookies. Granted I know the Rockies made the playoffs before, but they’re searching for that elusive National League West title for the first time, so it’s gonna come down to who wants the win more (my believe is that the Rockies win but that could just be because of my love of a good underdog victory).

It’s must win for all four of these teams because national league home field is up for grabs and for the winners it gives a day of rest between the tie-breaker and playoff action. Just even one day off can do a lot for teams gearing up to make a run for the World Series Championship. Winning this tie-breaker can also give a boost of confidence leading into the playoffs and surge of energy that could be the winning recipe to make it out of the first round.

No matter what happens tomorrow, it’s going to be a great day for baseball that I’m sure will have millions of people tuning in. Even just to enjoy an extra day of baseball. And yes I’ll be rocking my Cubbie gear hoping that my team can pull off the win and take the division.

So whose ready for game 163?

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