Raiders Tanking 2018 Season & Could the Giants Be Joining Them?

After a slightly lackluster Week 7 performances across the league, two teams made quite a splash early in the week with shocking trades. These trades signaled to fans and analysts that these teams have given up hope for their seasons turning around and given a glimpse of what could ensure in the last days leading up to the trade deadline.

As if getting rid of Khalil Mack wasn’t an early indication of what Jon Gruden thought of the Raiders 2018 season, the team traded Wide Receiver Amari Cooper early this morning to the Dallas Cowboys. The trade sent a message to all Raiders fans that Gruden has no hope left for the season and that fans should get ready for their rebuilding to start next season.

Now Gruden himself will never in a million years admit that he has no hope for this season. He’ll just continue to make dumb comments about the league and his team that will not give fans any indications as to how he feels about the team’s chances going forward. But we all know that the Raiders season was over once Mack was traded because he was the cornerstone of any chances they had. Plus Cooper can actually make a world of difference for the Cowboys and possibly find himself with playoff hopes.

Following their horrendous play during Monday Night Football, the New York Giants seem to jump on the “No Hope Left” train with the Raiders as they traded Eli Apple to the New Orleans Saints. Which if I’m Eli Apple, I’d be thankful that I’m now on a team that actually has a chance at playoffs. The trade though makes no sense because it doesn’t address the issues the Giants have.

Yet again, their offensive line can’t stand up to any defense and protect Eli Manning and Manning himself is playing terribly. This trade signals to fans that the Giants are losing hope for any kind of turn around this season and hopefully the front office will work in the off-season to find a better starting quarterback and address the offensive line problems they’ve had for years.

If you’re a Raiders or Giants fan, do you still have hope given these trades that your team could turn it around and go on a miracle playoff run? Or are you just going to wallow in misery for the remaining games of the season and hope that next year will be better?

But most importantly, how will Gruden spin his teams losses for the rest of the season?


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