Browns Clear House After Loss to Steelers

After yesterday’s 33-18 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers the Cleveland Browns have fired Head Coach Hue Jackson and Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley. This moves comes as a surprise to me since they’ve had plenty of reasons to fire Jackson for years and yet have insisted that Jackson was their HC and trusted his ability. But coming from the organization that gave Josh Gordon chance after chance, its not surprising that they waited this long to fire Jackson.

This moves signals to me that the Browns might actually have figured out that they are not a good football team despite having Baker Mayfield at the helm of QB and Miles Garrett and Denzel Ward on the defensive side of the ball. General Manager John Dorsett has given Gregg Williams control of the ship in hopes that maybe they can salvage part of this season.

But the season wasn’t a total loss under Jackson, the Browns did manage to pull out a win during Monday Night Football weeks earlier ending their longest streak of losing. Still the spotlight was hot on Jackson this season to see what he’d do with the talent they acquired this offseason/in the draft and Jackson and by extension Haley failed to convert in the red zone.

But all my positive outlook aside, firing Jackson doesn’t mean that the Browns are going to salvage anything but pride in this season. It’s gonna be an interesting couple of games coming up to see how the team reacts to this sudden organizational regroup, but again I’m not hopeful that the team is going to somehow miraculously start racking up wins now that Jackson is gone. Because Jackson wasn’t the sole issue with this team, sure they have Mayfield, Garret, and Ward but those three guys can’t carry the team. They need help to find a way to win games by controlling the ball from start to finish.

Now the focus shifts to who the Browns will try to land in the off-season to finally bring their rebuilding to a close and give Cleveland a team they can cheer for and be proud of, because the Browns are on their way to the level they just need the right coach to get them into the end zone.

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