Are the Golden State Warriors Ruining Basketball?

The answer is no.

After demolishing the Chicago Bulls Monday night with Klay Thompson (& his headband) scoring a record 14 3-pointers and the Warriors scored 92 points in the first half which is the most first-half points in an National Basketball League game since 1990. Their banner night sent social media abuzz with critics claiming that the Golden State Warriors were ruining professional basketball. I know it sounds like some people are bitter and/or jealous that the Warriors have put together a super team.

The best tweet of the night (even though he’s obviously joking/appreciating their talent):

tweet 10.29

The Warriors seem to be having fun too which is just another reason why social media is getting tired of the team. But really can you blame the Warriors for having fun when they’re out performing every team? If NBA fans are over it, then maybe get frustrated with your team for not putting a competitive product on the court.

If any other team wants to compete against the Warriors they should just create another super team. The East is wide open now that LeBron has gone to the Lakers, so maybe the New York Knicks should get their act together and find two superstars to bring them back to their former glory. It’s entirely possible considering if Kristaps Porzingis comes back healthy and stays healthy and the Knicks could entice Kevin Durant and maybe Kyrie Irving to join the team, the East would be their oyster.

I think the saddest part of the Warriors success is that we don’t appreciate when the any of the Warriors players have a banner night. Like Klay Thompson (& again his sweet headband) aren’t getting enough appreciation for his monstrous night last night. Thompson managed to beat teammate Curry’s previous record and nobody is showering him with praise of doing it. It’s like we’ve gotten so used to winning that we just can’t appreciate when they do really awesome things.

So until another super team emerges or the Warriors somehow magically stop playing great basketball, the Warriors will just continue to keep playing against themselves and racking up the points.

How about the Warriors split their team in half and just play themselves in the Finals to make it interesting this year?

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