NFL Expanding London Action Next Season

The National Football League has been playing regular season football in London since 2007 and after playing three games in three consecutive weeks at Wembley during the 2018 season, the NFL has decided to add another game and another stadium to play in.

The NFL hasn’t announced which teams will play in those four games next season, that announcement most likely won’t come until next year most likely as the lead up to the regular season schedules are announced to drum up excitement for the new schedule.

I think the most interesting part of this announcement is that the NFL will play two of the four games at the new Tottenham stadium currently being built for the Premier team. It’s interesting because of the news surrounding the new stadium.

According to an article in Independent, Tottenham has had to scramble to come up with more money as the cost of the new stadium increased again from the original projected cost. The stadium was scheduled to be ready before the season started but because of construction issues the team has had to increase their cash flow money and are aiming to have the stadium open for their January 13th game against Manchester United.

Given the renderings of the new stadium, the 61,000 seat venue looks like the exact kind of place the NFL would want to play. It’s going to have great hospitality options for NFL sponsors which will help the NFL woo new sponsors or resign current sponsors. It can also help the NFL grow it’s presence across the pond by getting to rub elbows with London elite while overlooking the pitch/the city of London. You can see the renderings in Independent article.

I have no doubts that the new stadium will be completely by fall of 2019 and that which ever teams get to play in those games are in for quite the experience. I mean if you have to travel all the way to London to play a game at least they’ll get to play in a brand new state-of-the-art stadium so that makes it just a little bit better.

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