Hockey Headline Round-Up

When sitting down to write today’s post, I saw two headlines that caught my attention and really hit me right in the feels like the kids say these days. So here’s a headline round-up devoted to the National Hockey League.

The first headline that I want to talk about is the video that started circulating of seven Ottawa Senators hockey players taking an Uber ride while in Phoenix Arizona. The video is bad for the organization because the players were ripping their own team, Matt Duchene was heard saying that he hasn’t paid attention in meetings for three weeks because nothing new is covered/discussed. Of course this was gonna make news because how often do we really get to know how players feel about their organization? Almost never, but the reason why this caught my attention is not because of the players ripping their organization. I would expect/hope that players would have strong feelings about their organization if things aren’t going well and they’re entitled to voice those feelings.

What caught my attention is that the Uber driver initially had no idea who these guys were and once finding out that they were professional athletes then took the video and posted it online. I get that Arizona is a one-party state where recorders don’t need consent to record conversations, but this guy saw an opportunity to get 15 minutes of internet fame and that’s horrible. If he’s willing to do this to a bunch of professional athletes imagine what he’d do to a business man in his car? I feel like Uber needs to do something about this guy because he obviously has no morals/ethics and won’t hesitate to post video that could actually ruin someone’s career.

Now onto the headline that has made the most angry, the Chicago Blackhawks announced this morning that they have fired Head Coach Joel Quenneville. Now there’s a lot wrong with this move, mostly that it’s a desperate attempt for others in the Blackhawks organization to save their jobs (Scott Bowman). Q has had a very successful tenure with the team completely righting the ship and taking them to three cup championships. He’s made the most of Bowman’s horrible roster moves like trading Artemi Panarin for a struggling Brandon Saad, trading away Andrew Shaw, overpaying players and bringing questionable free agents.

Q did his best to deal with the players Bowman was giving him and had this move come last season I wouldn’t have been terribly surprised. But instead they waited until this season when the team wasn’t struggling too bad for first part of the season. I think if the Hawks were serious about winning and getting back to their winning ways they would completely clean house and fire Bowman as well. Instead they choose to place the blame solely on Q and quite frankly Q deservesĀ  better.

This move is going to come back and bite the Hawks, especially when Q gets another gig (hopefully not with a division rival). The new HC will struggle like Q since Bowman is still manning the ship and making really dumb decisions that as of late haven’t panned out like planned (case in point Saad struggling while Panarin continues to light up the ice).

So now that I’ve gotten to dump my feelings out on the page, you are all caught up with the biggest headlines in the NHL and can go on about your day sharing these facts with your coworkers around the water cooler.

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