Has Carmelo Bounced Outta Houston?

Carmelo Anthony is one of those National Basketball League players that is guaranteed to have some sort of news written about him. I was actually getting worried that it was quiet around Houston for a bit there, but then checking the news today I saw his name back in the headlines. It’s rumored, at least by his Houston Rockets teammates/team staff, that Carmelo is not returning to Houston.

According to the ESPN article I read, Melo has been out the last two games with an “illness” so his teammates now believe that he’s not coming back to Houston. Naturally after only playing 10 games with the Rockets, his role is the reason why Melo will be placed on waivers as early as Monday (today).

Now this isn’t the first time that Melo’s role has been the reason why he wants to leave a team. He has always been one of those guys that doesn’t want to come off the bench, preferring to keep his starting position. But with the teams he’s been playing for that role just doesn’t make sense, the Thunder had Russell Westbrook and Paul George and the Rockets have James Harden and Chris Paul so they don’t need Melo to start. They would need him to come off the bench to do his part to help the team win. But of course, Melo wants to be one of those limelight guys and believes that he has the talent to do and maybe at one time he did, but not now.

At this point in his career Melo could actually be successful if he embraced the off the bench role. In his 10 games with the rockets he’s averaged 40.5% shooting off the floor and averaged 13 points and 5 rebounds, which if he played more games might actually prove to be good stats. But that requires Melo to embrace the role and that just doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. He’s going to continue fighting for a role that on most teams aren’t needed, not when a lot of teams have their starting guys and would be looking to use his experience off the bench.

So until Melo understands his role on any NBA team and embraces said role, I guess he’ll just continue to be the guy who pops up in the headlines every few weeks because he’s unhappy with his role on whatever team he’s on and will keep bouncing around to teams until he finds someone to give him that role.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed your reminder of why Melo is the most consistent ball player getting coverage because he refuses to get with the times and accept his role.

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