The Green Bay Packers Blame Game

The Green Bay Packers have about a 3% chance of making the playoffs (at least that’s what the NBC graphic on Sunday Night Football tells me) with their dismal 4-6-1 record. Following last night’s disastrous 24-17 loss to Minnesota, who is to blame for their 2018 season?

The first person that pops into my mind is their head coach Mike McCarthy because ya know he’s the guy in charge. He decides their plan of attack each game. He’s the guy that decided to punt on 4th down against the Seattle Seahawks with 4 minutes left instead of trusting his QB to make the play. So yes he deserves some of the blame, but he doesn’t deserve to carry the whole thing on his back.

Nope, Quarterback Aaron Rodgers deserves to shoulder some of the blame. Rodgers has all the makings of a talented QB and as we’ve all seen in years previous Rodgers has the ability to make magic happen on the field (remember the hail mary pass?). But this season it feels like Rodgers is trying to make that same magic happen but his guys aren’t on the same page. They don’t have the same chemistry that Rodgers had with Jordy Nelson or Richard Rodgers. I know that Rodgers made comments earlier about how his new receiving guys needed to study the playbook and learn the plays better, which I wholeheartedly agreed with what he said (just not where he said it). It’s Rodgers job to let his guys know that they’re not carrying their weight. But to say it to the media instead of the guys was a BS move.

Which leads me to believe that Rodgers is unhappy in Green Bay because the team got rid of Jordy Nelson who Rodgers loved because of his ability to know where Rodgers was going to throw and make the catch. So it’s possible that Rodgers has lost a lot of love for the team because he feels like the team isn’t on the same page as Rodgers in terms of winning and keeping guys that actually play well with him. While Rodgers is a professional athlete and will do whatever it takes to win (like coming back after taking a hard hit to the knee to win the game), but might not feel like the team executives share his vision for success.

So who really deserves the blame for the dismal Packers season? Every single person on the team. The Packers have talented players that should be able to win on the field, yet each week they fall short of their mission. Each player and coach needs to take a good hard look in the mirror and realize that they are in charge of their own destiny and can win if they really want to.

Here’s hoping for Packer fans that the team does some hard soul searching and finds that magic they’ve had years previously to have a real chance at making the playoffs.

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