Baker Mayfield’s Salty Comments

Can someone explain to Baker Mayfield how having a job works? He made comments the other day following their 35-20 win over the Cincinnati Bengals criticizing former head coach Hue Jackson for taking a job with the Bengals. He sounded hella salty as the kid are saying these days because just recently Jackson was asking Mayfield and the Browns to play for him but now works for a team they see twice a year.

It seems like Mayfield doesn’t understand how jobs work because Jackson would have been dumb to not take the job with the Browns. He has no loyalty to the Browns because they let Jackson go, so he’s free to take any job he wants because um hello Baker Hue has to make money to support his family.

Plus I can’t help but point out that Mayfield himself felt Texas Tech to go play at Oklahoma because he wanted playing time. His transferring for playing time/exposure is sort of similar to Jackson taking a job with the Bengals because of the opportunity to most likely take over the team after their head coach leaves. So it’s okay for Baker to leave Texas Tech and find playing time at Oklahoma but Jackson has to remain loyal to a team that fired him?

I know that paragraph made me roll my eyes really hard too. Baker just sounds like an immature child who doesn’t respect his former coach, most likely because in Baker’s mind it’s Jackson’s fault the team is 4-6-1. I guess the icy handshake after the game really annoyed me because it just reminded me of the Baker Mayfield that acted like an immature child during his final season at Oklahoma with the lewd gestures and planting the flag.

It’s almost like Baker believes that he (as a rookie) has any right to make any kind of comments on loyalty. I can see Tom Brady or Drew Brees getting away with that kind of comment (not like they’d say anything like that). Or maybe, just maybe, Baker is still salty that Jackson named Tyrod Taylor the starter in week 1. That thought also makes me wonder who the Browns starting QB would be had Taylor not gotten hurt earlier this season (my gut feeling is that it would’ve been Taylor).

Nobody but Jackson knows he took the job with the Bengals and it’s not really anyone’s business. I would hope that Baker would have a little bit more respect for his former head coach and in the future won’t make comments on anyone’s jobs because it has nothing to do with him.

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