What a Wild Week 14 in the NFL

Is anyone else still struggling to make sense of what happened yesterday in the National Football League? Hopefully I’m not the only one that is still watching recaps to see if I can figure out what some of these NFL teams were drinking that made these crazy outcomes happen. So let’s recap what happened yesterday that still has me scratching my head.

I think we can sum this week up by calling the week of ‘Holy Sh** Wins We Never Saw Coming.’

First we have to talk about the Miami Dolphins pulling off the impossible last second touchdown to defeat the New England Patriots. The play I believe has the official name of last ditch hook and ladder, ya know that play that usually comes in the final seconds when a team is trying to score the winning touchdown. And from what I understand it rarely works, but somehow someway the Miami Dolphins managed to pull it off yesterday. I agree with those dubbing this the Miami Miracle because this Miami team has had a few rough years and a win over divisional rival New England Patriots is always sweet.

Ranking highly with the Miami Dolphins last second victory is the Chicago Bears pulling off the win against the NFC top dog Los Angeles Rams. Now the Bears were favored because of the weather and most importantly that starting quarterback Mitch Trubisky was back in the line up. But still one would think that the Rams would pull out the win because of their impressive 11-1 record heading into the game. The game started off as a battle of the defenses each defense holding the offenses to field goals. But somehow the Bears offense was able to find their somewhat groove and beat the rams 15-6.

Moving on to the New York Giants, struggling so hard this season, finding what feels like their fifteenth miracle of the season to trounce the Washington Redskins 40-16. Even with Washington losing Alex Smith and Colt McCoy and Mark Sanchez of all people getting the start I didn’t see that trouncing happening. This win is big because I feel like the Giants stringing two wins together is a big deal, especially because the week before they beat the Chicago Bears.

The following wins would fall under the honorable mentions because they are wins just not that impressive of wins.

The Green Bay Packers managed to pull out a win over the Atlanta Falcons following the firing of their Head Coach Mike McCarthy. This win is important for the Aaron Rodgers because it showed that he’s capable to winning when given the freedom to do so. The Packers have little chance of making the playoffs, but still a win is better than nothing at this point in the season for this team.

The Detriot Lions managed to pull out a win against the Arizona Cardinals, which ultimately ended up hurting their first round draft pick ranking. But overall it was nice for Lions fans to get to celebrate a win given their lackluster 2018 season.

The Cleveland Browns capitalized on the Panthers struggling offense and pulled out the win.

And can’t forget to mention that the Oakland Raiders actually managed to win a football game beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 24-21. I’m thinking that the Steelers were just having a really bad day that allowed the Raiders to finally get their act together and win a football game. Though the General Manager was fired this morning, so the victory was short lived in the Bay.

And there you have it, you’re all caught up and hopefully this helped you make sense of the insanity that happened yesterday just in time for Monday Night Football where the Vikings take on the Seahawks. And the Vikings need this victory to remain in the playoff wildcard hunt, so hopefully they’ll be able to pull out the victory. But knowing how yesterday played out we might be gearing up for another crazy game.



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