The Mess in Dallas

I know that by now the Dallas Stars CEO Jim Lites’ comments about Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin are somewhat old news, but I wanted to take some time to really think about my reaction to the comments. And now that I’ve taken some time to really think about it, my reaction is still the same as it was upon initially hearing the gross comments.

The CEO has slightly misplaced his anger and is an embarrassment to not only the Dallas Stars organization but the National Hockey League as well.

Now my feelings are twofold, on the one hand I do agree that some of the blame for the team’s lackluster performance on the ice should be placed on Benn and Seguin. They are the faces of the team and thus always carry the burden of the blame when things aren’t going well, which is just how it goes in professional sports. But the Stars are lucky because for the price of one Jonathan Toews, they are able to have two great players in Benn and Seguin.

But on the other hand, why Lites is an embarrassment is because not only did he use profanity to get his point across but he also aired it out in front of the media and not once bring up his feelings (which he claims are shared by the team owner) to Benn and Seguin. When asked about his comments Seguin pointed out that Lites has his number, that it’s out there, so Lites could’ve easily had a conversation with him about his performance on ice. But yet Lites chose to take the cowards way and air it out to the media, so how he still has a job boggles my mind.

There’s also the issue that Lites has misplaced a lot of his anger on Benn and Seguin when he should be giving at least 85% of that anger on the team’s General Manager Jim Nill, since ya know he’s the guy that puts together the roster. Which doesn’t contain much star power based Benn and Seguin.

But all of that aside, it’s great to see the Dallas Stars organization (at least their digital media team) standing behind Benn and Seguin. They’ve used the two as the face for most of their digital content since the comments first broke and it shows that Benn and Seguin are well loved within the team and the community. ‘

Here’s hoping that the Hockey Gods look down favorably on the Stars and their years of lackluster seasons will finally be behind them.


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