Carmelo Anthony Blowing Through Windy City?

Just when I was beginning to wonder about Carmelo Anthony, his name begins to pop up among all the headlines about the missed interference call in Nola. It seems as if Melo’s time with the Houston Rockets has finally come to an end and he’s been traded to the Chicago Bulls (let’s not forget the cash included in the deal).

The Rockets were desperate to make this deal happen today to make space for Kenneth Faried, but with the holiday the league office wasn’t open to facilitate the trade. There’s also mixed reports if the Bulls will immediately waive Melo once the trade is completed or if they will use Melo in a one-for-one trade deal before the deadline February 7th. If given the time prior to the deadline, Melo could take a good look at the different rosters and see if he could find the best landing spot for himself.

Could the Bulls actually use Melo in the interim? Given their lackluster season, it might not hurt to Melo on the roster for a bit prior to the trade deadline to help give the team a bit of a breather. But if I’m being honest with myself (putting aside my love for Melo), I think that come Wednesday morning Melo will find himself on waivers and a free agent come the weekend.

That then leads me to ask, where would Melo end up? If you ask ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski he’d tell you Melo could be in LA playing along side LeBron and Lonzo Ball. Woj’s tweet about the Lakers interest sent quite a few Lakers faithful into a tizzy on social media (which tbh was actually kinda funny to watch). And if you think about it, the Lakers might actually make sense for Melo. He wouldn’t be the star of the team and could help provide some help to the roster, again as long as he’s content to come off the bench. Which we’ve seen during the off-season last year that Melo isn’t 100% comfortable with.

The next few weeks leading up to the trade deadline are going to be interesting because really who isn’t a bit curious to see what the next stop on the Melo NBA tour is?


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