Making Sense of Antonio Brown’s Cryptic Tweet

Remember a few weeks back when I tried to make sense of the drama between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Antonio Brown and I only ended up making it messier and confusing myself more? Well thanks to AB himself, the situation has become A LOT clearer with one cryptic tweet.

Early Thursday morning AB sent out the following tweet that seemed to send the media into a tizzy trying to figure out what the Steelers’ Wide Receiver could possibly be trying to say:

But really it’s simple (at least in my humble opinion). AB is moving on from the Steelers. I think there is credence to the rumors that AB was unhappy with how JuJu Smith-Schuester stole his spotlight this season.  He wants to go to a team where he’s going to be the star of the offense and won’t have to share the spotlight like he does with Smith-Shuester this past season.

While I’m not 100% sure what demand there is for AB among the other teams, I have no doubts that if he does in fact open his bidding to other teams he’ll have his pick of some top teams. There’s no way that any one of the teams that fell just short of the playoffs/had first round playoff exits wouldn’t at least throw their hat in the ring to land the WR. But I do have to wonder if the events that transpired in the last couple of weeks of the season will hurt his chances of going to be contender team.

Now playing both sides of the argument with AB’s tweet is that he could also be giving the Steelers’ an ultimatum because when he signed his contract extension for $68 million in 2017 he tweeted “Business in Booming. Given how AB’s contract is structured, it might be in the best interest of the Steelers to keep him, but I stand by my assessment that AB is done with Pittsburgh and ready to secure his bag as the kids say these days.

We’ll see what happens in the following weeks but I feel confident in stating that AB has officially launched #ABTradeWatch.

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