Kareem Hunt is Back in the NFL

Late Monday afternoon the Cleveland Browns announced that they had signed former Kansas City Chief’s running back Kareem Hunt. Now the move makes sense solely because the Browns’ general manager John Dorsey was the same guy that drafted Hunt while he was with the Chiefs, so there’s a relationship there.

I have a problem with Hunt getting a second chance in the league simply because he decided that he was allowed to put his hands on a woman and continued to play. There is no reason why any football player (no matter their talent) should be allowed to put their hands on anyone and continue to play and get paid. It’s that simple.

Now the league needs to put the Browns on notice and make sure that they follow through with everything they said they were planning on doing Monday when announcing Hunt’s signing with the team. It will start with the league suspending Hunt for longer than the minimum six games under the guidelines for domestic violence mainly because they have the video evidence of Hunt’s actions. By giving him a harsh suspension they might be able to send the message that they will not take anything like this lightly and hopefully Hunt will never do anything like this again.

Understandably this move has drawn criticism from women’s groups and Colin Kaepernick supporters because it shows yet again that the NFL teams care more about winning and making money. It also again affirms the message that the NFL players who get caught hurting women are worth more than Colin Kaepernick who simply knelt to bring awareness to social injustice.

Simply put Kareem Hunt was given a second chance because the league knew they could spin it and once Hunt takes the field and starts performing well and helping the Browns win games all will be forgiven and forgotten because that’s just how it works. I hate that it works like that but until guys like Hunt stop getting second chances that’s just how the cookie crumbles.


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