Antonio Brown Saga is Over


After what feels like a lifetime, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown has finally ended the speculation and announced (via Instagram) that he’s done with the Steelers and ready to move on to another team.

Brown ended his Steelers’ career having played in 130 games (of those he started 103), 837 receptions, 11,207 total receiving yards, 119 rushing yards, and 74 touchdowns.

So now that the speculation of whether AB is staying in Pittsburgh, the focus now shifts to where will he land? Obviously AB is only going to consider the considered serious Super Bowl contenders, right? So which team would actually have the salary cap room to give AB what he wants/thinks he deserves?

John Breech wrote an article for CBS Sports outlining the Top 10 teams that would be the best fit for a player of AB’s caliber and the two that really stuck out to me were the Packers and the Colts. Now, full disclosure I’m a Colts fan so of course this piqued my interest. But besides wanting to give my team the best chance of a solid receiver, I’m interested in the thought that AB would actually play well under Reich’s playing style and of course the Colts have the cap space to give AB a good chuck of money.

The Green Bay Packers also make sense because I think that AB would be exactly the kind of weapon that Aaron Rodgers has been missing since the Packers parted ways with Jordie Nelson. The Packers also have some draft picks that might entice the Steelers to trade AB over to them. Plus there’s also the added bonus of getting AB out of the AFC (though they run the risk of possibly facing the Pack in the playoffs/SB so it’s a toss up). But if the Packers were able to get AB, there would be no excuses if Rodgers has a bad year so really Rodgers is probably beating down the doors of GB management to see what he has to do to get AB.

So while the saga is over with the Steelers and AB, now we can launch the ABTrade watch and see where AB takes his business since ya know AB is open for business (I’m sorry I couldn’t resist ending with a throwback to the cryptic tweet that stirred up this whole saga).


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