Why does Done Cherry Hate the Canes Storm Surge?

It’s October 2018 and following a 8-5 victory over the New York Rangers, the Carolina Hurricanes took the typical post-game stick salute to a new level and that was just the beginning. Thankfully the Canes have perfected what is now affectionately called the storm surge doing a game of duck, duck, goose and my favorite doing a team limbo line the other night.

So now you’re probably asking what problem could there possibly be with the Canes post-win celebration and the answer is absolutely nothing. It’s a new twist on the usual stick salute that makes fans want to stick around to the end of the game to see what the Canes would possibly have cooked up for their next celebration.

So why do hockey analysts hate this fun post-game celebration? Because they hate having teams having fun and expressing happiness at winning a hockey game (which they’re paid millions of dollars to do). It’s mind boggling to hear analysts complaining about something that happens after the game is over and most of the time isn’t thought about until that moment. But Don Cherry, in Don Cherry fashion not to take that criticism to a whole other level Saturday night when he called the Canes a “Bunch of Jerks”.

I know it’s hard to take him seriously when he’s wearing the most outrageous, hideous Don Cherry jacket ever but let’s focus on the stupidity coming out of his mouth.  In the video, which you can see above, Cherry says that the Canes are jerks for actually expressing joy and making it fun for their fans, because how dare they.

After Cherry’s comments went viral Saturday night, I sat in anticipation to see how the Canes would respond to being called a bunch of jerks for having fun and expressing joy and they did not disappoint. Just a mere four hours after Cherry’s comments, the Canes posted on twitter a hilarious Simpsons reference with the angry old man yelling.

But they were done. They took it a step further (after fans asked them to create a shirt about the incident) and created a Bunch of Jerks t-shirts that fans (and loyal storm surge supporters like me) can buy. https://carolinaproshop.com/products/copy-of-canes-t-shirt?variant=22196196343856

The Canes are trailing the Montreal Canadians by one point in the standings and I’m hoping that if they manage to get a playoff spot they come up with a big storm surge following their playoff game to show Cherry that their opinions don’t matter to the players as long as their fans are having fun and enjoying the game experience they paid lots of money for.

So basically, I’m hoping that the storm surge never stops


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