Guess Who’s Back?


Johnny Manziel has found his way back into professional football in the US signing with the Alliance of American Football League Memphis Express. This news comes mere weeks after Manziel was essentially kicked out of the Canadian Football League.

I’m not surprised that Manziel is back in the US playing professional football because it was only a matter of time. Plus the Memphis Express need a quarterback after losing Zach Mettenberger to injury the same day Manziel signed with the team.

Manziel has a well documented history of bad behavior and wasting opportunities. He was released from the CFL weeks ago for what was described as violations to the agreement he made to get to play in the CFL. But I’m willingly to give him another chance because this time he’s being open about his past. He’s opened up about his issues with alcohol and depression so I think that maybe that means he’s serious about this fresh start and making the most of it.

I believe that third team will be the charm because Manziel’s new head coach is former Chicago Bears great Mike Singletary. Singletary is a no nonsense guy who will keep his qb focused and could help him keep his eye the prize. If Manziel is going to find his way back into the National Football League he’s going to have to take this opportunity seriously, because if he screws this up there isn’t another option to play professional football.

No matter what happens, Johnny Manziel is back to playing professional football in the US and I know that fans will tune in to see just how well the former 2014 22nd Pick in hte NFL Draft performs.



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