The Death of the Big Baller Brand?

It’s been a wild few days months for the Ball family. News broke the other day that trusted family friend and partial owner of the infamous Big Baller Brand Alan Foster allegedly stole $1.5 million dollars from Lakers’ Lonzo Ball’s business and personal accounts.

According to the ESPN article I read about this a few days ago, Lonzo’s business manager first noticed that the money was missing back in October when he was trying to do Ball’s taxes and Lonzo immediately reached out to his father who was overseas with his brothers at the time since the Foster is a trusted family friend. Which I understand because Big Papa is friends with Foster and Lonzo is in the middle of the Laker’s season Pops should’ve taken the time to look at what Lonzo was saying to him and talk to his friend. But of course, Big Papa was too busy overseas with Lonzo’s brothers to really look at everything that was happening. Which is why this news is just coming out now.

It should also be noted that Foster has a criminal history. Back in 2002, Foster was sentenced to more than seven years in prison having plead guilty to one count of mail fraud and two counts of money laundering. Foster met the Ball family in 2010 when his son was playing ball with Lonzo. Foster was also the driving force behind the creation of BBB even owning 16.3% of the company (which my friends is how he had access to the business and personal accounts).

Since I’m highly cynical, I don’t care if someone has been close with my family for years if I hit the jackpot like Lonzo did I’m ensuring that every single person that has contact with my money doesn’t have a criminal history that involves defrauding people out of money. Because Lonzo worked hard to get drafted and works hard on the court to earn his paycheck it’s important to make sure that shady people aren’t reaping the benefits of his hard work but this is just one of those lessons Lonzo had to learn the hard way.

So how does all of this play into the death of the F rated BBB? After this news broke rumblings of the Lakers wanting Lonzo to change his game shoes started showing up. It seems as if the Lakers want to see if maybe it was the BBB shoes Lonzo wears that is contributing to his nagging ankle injury that has kept him out of multiple games in recent seasons. Add that into the fact that the Better Business Bureau has given the BBB company an F rating because over 180 complaints about the company. All of this led Lonzo to releasing a statement that his time with the brand are over.

So now that Lonzo, the only big name attached to the brand, has walked away and given that Foster owns part of the company it seems as if the Big Baller Brand has seen it’s final days. Yes completely ridding his life of the brand will take some time seeing as Lonzo owns over 50% of the company, it’s clear from his social media that he wants nothing to do with the brand (and seems to be letting Nike know he’s open for business). It was an interesting ride while it lasted but it’s time to bid farewell to the Big Baller Brand.

Now if only Lonzo could find out where the $1.5 million dollars ended up.

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