The Bat Flip Problem

Yesterday the Chicago White Sox had the opportunity to sweep the Kansas City Royals. In the bottom of the fourth inning Tim Anderson hits a rocket 2 run home run and “flips” his bat. I put flips in quotes because really it’s an aggressive bat toss to as one guy on twitter pointed out to me was Anderson’s way of helping the bat boy do his job. The Royals pitcher Brad Keller wasn’t too happy, so the next time Anderson is up to bat Keller nails Anderson.



At the 1:17 mark you can see Anderson get hit with the pitch and the benches clear in the lamest fight.

Keller over-reacted with his hitting of Anderson because it’s not Anderson’s fault that Keller threw the perfect pitch for a home run. But Anderson over-reacted with his bat toss because like bro calm down. Great job you hit a 2 run homer, but there’s a time and place for that kind of thing. Case in point:


Now if Anderson hit the game winner, I’m all for the bat flip because hello your home run led the Sox to a sweep get down with your bad self. But as Anderson and Co would find out the Royals were going to come back and win the game.

We can talk about how Hunter Dozier missed the an opportunity for the best passive aggressive sucks to suck bat flip when he hits the game winning home-run in the 10th inning. I’m severely disappointed that Dozier didn’t capitalize on the moment but hey whatever I guess winning is the best move in this situation.

Now the reason why I’m even writing this post is because I saw on twitter some sports writers comparing the bat flip in baseball to National Hockey League players celebrating after every single goal and I agree with this sentiment. I’m all for a good quality bat flip just like I’m all for a quality goal celebration in hockey. Especially because bat flips don’t happen for every single hit, it’s for those dingers that fly outta the park so it’s a worthy celebration.

I would love to say that it’s like comparing apples to oranges since it’s two different sports. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that they are similar because baseball games can be won or lost by one run and hockey games can be won or lost by one. It can take multiple chances to score that one run or hit in each sport, the list goes on and on. So while I want to be annoyed by Anderson’s actions yesterday I really can’t be, because he hit a real dinger deep into the stands and he was definitely feeling himself. He’s allowed to be excited.

It’s not really his fault that Keller is a sore loser and wanted to punish Anderson for his showboating. Now did that require a full bench clearing and lame fight? Nope. But hey tensions were running high so to each their own.

But again guys remember it’s only April and there’s lot of baseball left to play and most importantly if you are going to flip the bat: FLIP THE BAT. Don’t just aggressively toss it.


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