Why Hasn’t Tyreek Hill Been Banned?

Yesterday before the beginning of the 2019 National Football League Draft an 11 minute video was released featuring Kansas City Chiefs running back Tyreek Hill and his fiance Crystal Espinal. In the video tape Espinal can be heard asking Hill about their son’s broken arm and even discussing other times where Hill has been abusive. When pushed that their son is terrified of Hill, Hill replies that Espinal should be terrified of him too. Finally responding to this tape today the Chiefs have banned Hill from any involvement with the team.

This isn’t the first time that Hill has had allegations of abuse, he pleaded guilty to assaulting then girlfriend Espinal. But because that happened before he played in the NFL he will not be punished as a repeat offender. And the NFL will investigate the abuse of Hill’s son and then make their decision over his punishment.

But that’s not enough.

The audio of Hill admitting to hurting his son and honestly lack of concern that his son is terrified of him is just as bad as the Ray Rice video. Rice was ultimately kicked out the league and the same should be done for Hill. Hill shouldn’t be allowed to serve a suspension and then picked up by someone like Jerry Jones. He clearly has a history of troubling behavior and that should most definitely result in being banned.

It feels as if the Chiefs are slightly dragging their heels waiting to see what happens with Hill. But in my eyes there is no way that Hill can stay in the league. He clearly has issues and shouldn’t be allowed to play on the biggest stage when he’s clearly not capable of being a decent human being. Allowing Hill to even make any kind of comeback will just further the thinking that the league doesn’t care as long a guy has talent and can make them money.

According to the KCTV5 report that Espinal recorded this conversation as an insurance policy for herself, but she too should be held accountable for her actions. She admits on the tape that she “rode for Hill” with a detective and CPS workers which is horrible. How dare you as a parent ride for someone who is clearly hurting your son and has hurt you in the past? If Hill has to suffer the consequences for his malicious and disgusting behavior than so does Espinal.

It’s time stop thinking about the bottom line and think about the quality of talent you’re promoting in the league. Because if Hill somehow comes back I’m not sure I can support the NFL anymore because enough is enough.

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