Wild Case of the Missing Kelly Cup

In today’s edition of headlines I never thought I’d see, the Colorado Eagles formerly of the ECHL after winning the league’s Kelly Cup two years in a row have failed to give the Cup back to the league.

Both parties are at fault because the ECHL should’ve made more of an effort to get the trophy back. They’re explanation that the Eagles haven’t made any attempts at returning the trophy are lame because if the league wanted the trophy back that badly why didn’t they show up at the team’s offices and demand the trophy back? But instead of doing that they decided just to have another trophy made (kinda like a replica that would be the original).

The same goes for the Eagles, if they really wanted to rectify the situation they would’ve shown up at the league’s offices with the trophy. I’m leaning towards the thought process that since the Eagles won the Kelly Cup two years in a row before moving up to the big leagues they decided we’ve earned this so we’re keeping it.

The Eagles could’ve easily had a replica made of the trophy to keep for memories allowing the league to keep the original.

This whole thing just feels like a bitter breakup that the ECHL can’t get over and the Eagles are just possessive over the trophy wanting to feel like they still have power.


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