Let LeBron Live

LeBron is headlining the news not because of his professional basketball career or any off season moves that might benefit him and his Los Angeles Lakers. Nope LeBron is trending in the news because he happened to cheer his son Bronny on during his AAU basketball game. Jason Whitlock actually went on air and said the LeBron was using the videos of his cheering to build a social media brand and making a circus of the game. I know it’s crazy, why can’t we let LeBron live?

Who cares if LeBron cheers on his son? He plays basketball for a living so he can appreciate when his son plays well. I’ve seen parents who have never played professional sports act WAY worse than James did. He’s allowed to support his kids without the whole world having an opinion.

We should be celebrating him for being a supportive father when there are tons of kids who don’t get that support. LeBron is the model for how to be as parent, always giving positive reinforcement and being there for these moments to help build their child up. Isn’t LeBron supposed to model behavior with his massive platform? Or is that only when it’s convenient for the argument?

Let LeBron live and cheer on his son. Bronny has BIG shoes to fill following his superstar dad in playing basketball. He’s going to be dealing with comparisons to his dad his whole life so let him have this moment with his dad happily cheering for him while he enjoys the game.

I like that LeBron was making a spectacle of himself cheering on his son. He’s allowed to be a proud parent and it warms my heart to see LeBron so happy watching his son. With all the bad things going on in this world I thank LeBron for giving me a few moments of happiness seeing his happiness.

Published by kaysinde

I'm just a girl addicted to sports who happens to have a talent for writing.

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