Carli Lloyd NFL Kicking Backlash

USA Soccer star Carli Lloyd has seen some interest from National Football League teams to kick for them because she’s got a solid kick. Of course once Lloyd showed that she was actively thinking about taking up the offer to kick in the league, guys in the league had a problem with it. Most notably Jason Witten and Keenan Allen (at least in my opinion).

So why are these guys so against Lloyd kicking for the league? Jason Witten’s comment was dumb because he called out four guys on ESPN for agreeing that Lloyd could actually kick in the league basically implying that they only agreed for fear of the backlash, because there is no way that four guys could actually think that a girl could kick in the NFL right? In my opinion, Witten needs to shut up. He couldn’t cut in the booth so he un-retired and went back to his team and he just can’t wrap his brain around the fact that Lloyd could really do some damage on the field if she practiced. Plus given some of the kicking action in the league, Lloyd would actually be an improvement.

Then Keenan Allen wanted in on the dissent and reminded fans that Lloyd wouldn’t be able to handle it if her kick was block and she had to go on the defensive with those big strong guys coming at her. Does Allen not know that you can’t hit the kicker? Did he miss that day in Football 101? No he was just too busy trying to insert his tired “this is a man’s game woman can’t handle it” tired argument that every male tries to use when a female is involved.

I didn’t expect the guys of the NFL to jump for joy at the news that she was interested in kicking in the league. But I at least thought that they would refrain from using the same tired sexist argument.

I have no doubt that if Lloyd really put her all into getting ready, training like the other kickers in the league, that she could actually crush it. She’s not the winning mentality and knows how to kick one type of ball so really it would just require learning the different ball type and how to react to all the different aspects of being a professional kicker.

And honestly I’m hoping she does go through it and shove it down these dumb boys throats that she can handle it and be a rockstar at it.

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