Club Dub is Closed for Business Today

The Chicago Bears thought they would get to have an international Club Dub party today in London, but the Oakland Raiders had other ideas. It was a wild game that saw the Raiders come out and score 17 unanswered points until the momentum shifted towards the Monsters of the Midway when Raider’s Josh Jackson completely missed QB Derek Carr’s attempt at a hand off and Khalil Mack recovered the fumble.

The victory seemed inevitable for the Bears when they successfully recovered a fumble on the one yard line and gained the lead at 21-17.

The Raiders were not about to let Khalil Mack take the win in their first meeting since the Raiders traded Mack to the Chicago Bears in 2018. They would claw their way back marching their way down the field to the score a touchdown and secure the lead at 24-21 with less than two minutes left in the game.

But given the drama that had transpired in the game thus far, the game was far from over.

Two minutes could’ve been enough time for the Chase Daniels to march his guys down the field, he’d done it before with key throws in the game that led the team to their 21 unanswered points. But the Raiders Gareon Conley had other plans and intercepted Daniels’ pass intended for Anthony Miller giving the Raiders the ball back.

So it should’ve been an easy task to end the game but the Raiders failed to get a first down and maintain possession of the ball and it looked like maybe Daniels was going to pull off the stunning last second victory. But the clock was against the Bears and the Raiders were ready to take their victory and ended the game in the only acceptable way: by sacking Chase Daniel.

This game was exactly what the National Football League wants when they send their teams over to London. It had multiple lead changes, spectacular ‘did you see that’ moments, and the drama of a guy going against the team that traded him away with no second thought.

Khalil Mack should’ve been able to shove a loss down the throats of his former team but the Oakland Raiders had a lot more riding on this victory. The Raiders have dealt with drama most of the pre-season and are desperate to rewrite their story.

Winning comes down to which team wants it more and this time the Raiders wanted the win more than the Chicago Bears.


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