Let’s Get Personal (For Only a Second)

It’s a really hot minute since I’ve written a blog post. You know how it goes: life got in the way and then it had been so long that I now have anxiety about writing for this blog. I think part of it is because my job now has nothing to do with sports so I’m not really able to immerse myself for fully in sports and now with the coronavirus completely stopping any and all sports, I’m feeling a bit lost.

But I think it’s safe to say we’re all feeling some sort of lost right now. So I’m writing this post in a way to try and rid myself of anxiety over this blog and as a promise mostly to myself to get back to this. Sports is my passion and where I’m hoping my career eventually takes me, so I just gotta get back on the horse and write.

I’ve got some time now to figure out where I want to take this blog and what I want to post. So I hope that you’ll join on this journey as I get my groove back and maybe I can fill the void of no sports left in my heart. I can promise you that I will have a thorough review of Michael Jordan’s doc coming out this month (and I promise not to let my 90s Bulls loving heart shade my review).

We’re all going to get through this and until life goes back to normal we can all relive the good old days watching the replays of some great games across a lot of sports.

If you’ve made this far in the post, thanks for letting me get some stuff off my chest and if you’ve got some ideas on content you’d like to see just let me know via the comments on this post or you can reach me on twitter.



Published by kaysinde

I'm just a girl addicted to sports who happens to have a talent for writing.

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