XFL Suspends Operations

Everyone by now is familiar with the original run of the XFL and when it was originally announced that there would be a second generation XFL, it’s safe to say that people had a lot of doubt about the viability of the league. But yet when the league kicked off the second time things were different. Dare I say, there was hope that the league could actually survive and thrive giving fans more football during the National Football League’s off-season.

Then the coronavirus pandemic hit and all bets were off. The XFL suspended play after only five weeks then a week after cancelled the season. Players were allowed to sign with NFL and Canadian Football League teams and some players signed deals with the NFL shortly after being allowed to.

The league announced today that they were suspending day-to-day operations laying off most all of their employees with the exception of a few executives. This move comes reportedly after the league refunded season ticket holders for this season and the 2021 season.

Given the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19, it’s not surprising that the XFL has no plans for their second season. I’m hopeful that life will be back to normal by then and the XFL can have a real shot at giving football fans exciting action to watch to curve the NFL withdrawal all football fans feel in the the spring.



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