COVID-19 Hits the NFL: A Hard Dose of Reality

When the National Football League managed to start the 2020 regular season on time with zero interruptions I actually thought they could pull off a full season with zero issues. Maybe I drank the kool-aid or maybe I was just desperate for some sort of normalcy during this totally not normal year, but this weekContinue reading “COVID-19 Hits the NFL: A Hard Dose of Reality”

XFL Suspends Operations

Everyone by now is familiar with the original run of the XFL and when it was originally announced that there would be a second generation XFL, it’s safe to say that people had a lot of doubt about the viability of the league. But yet when the league kicked off the second time things wereContinue reading “XFL Suspends Operations”

Let’s Get Personal (For Only a Second)

It’s a really hot minute since I’ve written a blog post. You know how it goes: life got in the way and then it had been so long that I now have anxiety about writing for this blog. I think part of it is because my job now has nothing to do with sports soContinue reading “Let’s Get Personal (For Only a Second)”

Club Dub is Closed for Business Today

The Chicago Bears thought they would get to have an international Club Dub party today in London, but the Oakland Raiders had other ideas. It was a wild game that saw the Raiders come out and score 17 unanswered points until the momentum shifted towards the Monsters of the Midway when Raider’s Josh Jackson completelyContinue reading “Club Dub is Closed for Business Today”

University of St. Thomas Booted From League For Being too Good?

Can you imagine being fired from your job for being good? That’s essentially what happened to the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota when they were “involuntarily” dismissed from the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference in May for “competitive reasons”. University of St. Thomas has won six MIAC football championships since the start of the 2010 seasonContinue reading “University of St. Thomas Booted From League For Being too Good?”

Carli Lloyd NFL Kicking Backlash

USA Soccer star Carli Lloyd has seen some interest from National Football League teams to kick for them because she’s got a solid kick. Of course once Lloyd showed that she was actively thinking about taking up the offer to kick in the league, guys in the league had a problem with it. Most notablyContinue reading “Carli Lloyd NFL Kicking Backlash”

Wild Case of the Missing Kelly Cup

In today’s edition of headlines I never thought I’d see, the Colorado Eagles formerly of the ECHL after winning the league’s Kelly Cup two years in a row have failed to give the Cup back to the league. Both parties are at fault because the ECHL should’ve made more of an effort to get theContinue reading “Wild Case of the Missing Kelly Cup”

The Lakers Dumpster Fire Rages On

By now everyone and their uncle have seen the video of former Los Angeles Lakers President Magic Johnson out of nowhere resigning his position on ESPN right before gameĀ  time. After the shock of the move wore off that should have been the end of it, but a last week Johnson appeared on ESPN’s morningContinue reading “The Lakers Dumpster Fire Rages On”

Why Hasn’t Tyreek Hill Been Banned?

Yesterday before the beginning of the 2019 National Football League Draft an 11 minute video was released featuring Kansas City Chiefs running back Tyreek Hill and his fiance Crystal Espinal. In the video tape Espinal can be heard asking Hill about their son’s broken arm and even discussing other times where Hill has been abusive.Continue reading “Why Hasn’t Tyreek Hill Been Banned?”