Washington Redskins Honoring 1987 Replacement Players

Late Wednesday the Washington Redskins announced that they would be honoring the 1987 replacement players with Super Bowl rings. In an article on the Redskins website the team worked closely with John Dorsey the director of the ESPN 30 for 30 “The Year of the Scab” and some of the replacement players to make theseContinue reading “Washington Redskins Honoring 1987 Replacement Players”

“The Two Bills” Does the Impossible: Humanizes Bill Belicheck

First 30 for 30 Reaction post of 2018 and we’re starting off with a really good one. “The Two Bills” managed to actually humanize Bill Belicheck and in all honesty made me actually like the now head coach of the New England Patriots. Which doesn’t say a lot because I didn’t not like Belicheck before,Continue reading ““The Two Bills” Does the Impossible: Humanizes Bill Belicheck”

Nature Boy: A Blueprint For How Not to Live Life

First things first, I will admit that I had not intended to watch the new “30 for 30: Nature Boy” mainly because I’m not a fan of wrestling. I don’t see the point of watching grown man dance around a ring and act, I mean I tried to get into back in the late 90sContinue reading “Nature Boy: A Blueprint For How Not to Live Life”

“The Year of the Scab” is Exactly What a 30 for 30 Should Be

By now you guys should know that there is little I love more than a sports documentary that actually teaches me something, whether that be a history of racial tensions in Los Angeles in Part One of the Emmy Award Winning “OJ: Made in America” or the jam packed history lesson that was “The GhostsContinue reading ““The Year of the Scab” is Exactly What a 30 for 30 Should Be”

What Carter Lost: A Cautionary Tale of Choice

ESPN’s newest “30 for 30: What Carter Lost” is an interesting film that takes a deep dive into high school football in the state of Texas in the 80’s just look at how successful “Friday Night Lights” by H. G. Bissinger became by being turned into a hit movie and a cult favorite TV show.Continue reading “What Carter Lost: A Cautionary Tale of Choice”

Celtics/Lakers Part One is another History Lesson through Sports

Much like the OJ: Made in America Series, the new 30 for 30 documentary ‘Celtics/Lakers the Best of Enemies’ offers basketball fans not only a history of the National Basketball League, but a look into the history of race relations in America. Now, I was beyond excited to watch this documentary since the introduction ofContinue reading “Celtics/Lakers Part One is another History Lesson through Sports”

Refuse to Lose (or how John Calipari was ‘One and Done’ before it was a Thing

ESPN’s new 30 for 30 documentary focuses on John Calipari and his rise to coaching success at the University of Kentucky, success due in large part to his acceptance of the controversial One and Done rule in the National Basketball League. But Calipari’s past is marred with scandals at the University of Massachusetts and theContinue reading “Refuse to Lose (or how John Calipari was ‘One and Done’ before it was a Thing”

“This is the XFL” or When Execution Fails

In theory, the XFL created by¬† Vince McMahon, could’ve been a huge success.The timing was perfect with the NFL’s popularity growing leaving fans wanting even more football, enter the XFL planning to start their season in February, right after the Super Bowl. Enter Dick Ebersol, co-creator of Saturday Night Live and current president of NBC,Continue reading ““This is the XFL” or When Execution Fails”

The Not So Great 30 for 30s

As we bid goodbye to the 2016 and hello to a hopefully much cooler 2017, I thought that instead of doing a typical 30 for 30 Reaction post I would give you the 5 30 for 30s I just couldn’t finish watching. The following list appears in no particular order except for how they appearedContinue reading “The Not So Great 30 for 30s”

The Catholics v. Convicts Takeaways

Guess who’s back with a new 30 for 30 Reaction? I have been waiting to do this reaction piece since the John Daley film aired. So without further ado let’s dive right into this film and the things I found the most interesting. Catholics v. Convicts looks at the 1988 College Football game between NotreContinue reading “The Catholics v. Convicts Takeaways”