I’m Excited about Season 3 of “Last Chance U” After Only 20 Minutes of Epi 1

If you didn’t know I’m a HUGE fan of Netflix’s “Last Chance U”. I loved the first season because it was a dramatic almost gritty look at the these Junior College Football team giving kids a second chance to achieving their dream of playing professional football. Of course, the first season had what I likeContinue reading “I’m Excited about Season 3 of “Last Chance U” After Only 20 Minutes of Epi 1″

“Coach Snoop” The Show You Need to Watch Right Now

I tuned into “Coach Snoop” on Netflix because I’m fascinated by anything Snoop Dogg does, but this show caught me completely¬† off guard. I was expecting Snoop’s usual antics that you always see but what I found was a show all about the kids and the work his youth league is doing and I wasContinue reading ““Coach Snoop” The Show You Need to Watch Right Now”

When Baseball was Fun

While doing the Netflix scroll that we are all prone to do, I saw a film called “The Battered Bastards of Baseball” and I will admit that I have swiped left numerous times because the picture didn’t spark my interest. But it wasn’t until today that I decided to actually click on the thumbnail andContinue reading “When Baseball was Fun”

We Need to Talk about Ice Guardians

“Ice Guardians” is more than just a film about enforcers in hockey. At the heart of the film is a story about a class of guys just trying to do whatever it takes in order to get a shot at playing in the National Hockey League, a feat which is not easy in the least.Continue reading “We Need to Talk about Ice Guardians”

“A Season With: Navy Football” Had Me Hooked Till the Credits

By now everyone is aware that I’m a sucker for a good sports documentary and I was excited for the show “A Season With” on Showtime because it took a deep dive into a college football program and focuses more on the athletes than the coaches. So I tuned into every episode during season oneContinue reading ““A Season With: Navy Football” Had Me Hooked Till the Credits”

Hooked Till the Credits: Delving Deep into AAU Basketball

“At All Costs” is a documentary that goes in-depth into the world of AAU (American Amateur Union) Basketball. The teams are made up of 11-17 year olds, usually the best of the best, that travel around to sanctioned tournaments that are usually backed by shoe companies (Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour) during the summer. TheContinue reading “Hooked Till the Credits: Delving Deep into AAU Basketball”

‘Last Chance U’ Hooks with Giant Personalities and Impressive Football

Finally we’re back with a new Hooked Till the Credits and this week’s is a good one. I’m sure that by now you’ve heard of and have probably watched Netflix’s show “Last Chance U” which follows a junior county college in Mississippi that gives athletes one last chance to make it to the NCAA DivisionContinue reading “‘Last Chance U’ Hooks with Giant Personalities and Impressive Football”

Gender Doesn’t Play Sports, Athletes Do

By now you’ve probably heard about the documentary “Tomboy” which looks to elevate the conversation of gender equality in sports. And while I tuned in because I wanted to hear more about how unfair female athletes are treated, I stayed hooked till the credits because of the women in the film. These women have givenContinue reading “Gender Doesn’t Play Sports, Athletes Do”

Inside Man Tackles the Student-Athlete

Morgan Spurlock, of the “Super Size Me” documentary, has a show on CNN called “Inside Man” where he takes a deep dive into topics like education and income equality in order to inform his CNN audience about those affected by these topics. But the episode that really caught my attention and had me hooked tillContinue reading “Inside Man Tackles the Student-Athlete”

Some Men Transcend the Game

Dean Smith was the head coach of the University of North Carolina Tar Heels for over thirty years. He had 879 wins, made 11 final four appearances, 8-time ACC Coach of the Year, and won 2 National Championships. But his impressive stats spanning his entire forty year coaching career are not what had me HookedContinue reading “Some Men Transcend the Game”