The Bat Flip Problem

Yesterday the Chicago White Sox had the opportunity to sweep the Kansas City Royals. In the bottom of the fourth inning Tim Anderson hits a rocket 2 run home run and “flips” his bat. I put flips in quotes because really it’s an aggressive bat toss to as one guy on twitter pointed out toContinue reading “The Bat Flip Problem”

MLB Focus Shifts Towards Bryce Harper’s New Team

Now that the World Series is over (Congratulations Boston Red Sox), the focus of the Major League Baseball analysts/fans is the rampant speculation as to where Bryce Harper will land next season. In a recent post, Bovada has the Philadelphia Philly’s even in the odds race to secure Harper with the Cubs only +300 rightContinue reading “MLB Focus Shifts Towards Bryce Harper’s New Team”

Who is Ready for MLB Game 163?

Leading into the final regular season action of the 2018 Major League Baseball season, four teams needed one win and one loss to decide the winner of their respective decisions. But 162 games just wasn’t enough to crown a winner so the MLB will have two tie-breaker games on Monday October 1st to decide whoContinue reading “Who is Ready for MLB Game 163?”

The Daniel Murphy Catch-22

Monday the Washington Nationals signaled all hope is lost for the 2018 season and began what is being affectionately called a fire sale which resulted in Daniel Murphy finding his way to Chicago. When the news officially broke Tuesday fans had a mixed reaction due in part to Murphy’s talent on the field and hisContinue reading “The Daniel Murphy Catch-22”

MLB Whiffs on José Ureña Suspension

This week has seen not one but two bench clearing brawls in Major League Baseball, but one was a little more serious than the other. Miami Marlins pitcher José Urena beaned Atlanta Braves’ young superstar Ronald Acuña Jr in the first inning of their game. The benches immediately cleared because the Braves needed to defendContinue reading “MLB Whiffs on José Ureña Suspension”

A Radical Idea

It seems that more frequently there are news stories coming out about professional athletes (and coaches) with crimes against women whether they be domestic violence related or sexual assault related, so I have a radical idea on how to curb these actions, fire them. I know it seems like an extreme action, but aren’t youContinue reading “A Radical Idea”

Another MLB Player’s Offensive Tweets Released

Yet again guess what happened? A Major League Baseball player’s derogatory tweets from his youth have been released, this time Sean Newcomb of the Atlanta Braves is the one apologizing for dumb stuff he tweeted in his “youth”. After the apology and news hit the air waves, Washington National’s shortstop Trea Turner also found his own dumbContinue reading “Another MLB Player’s Offensive Tweets Released”

No MLB, Mike Trout is Not a Problem

ICYMI, earlier this week Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred did an interview on the Dan Patrick Show where he discussed MLB players marketing themselves to help grow the game and that a problem the MLB was facing was guys like Mike Trout not marketing himself, and many took that as he was incinuating thatContinue reading “No MLB, Mike Trout is Not a Problem”

When Will Teams Learn to Check Player’s Social Media?

Last night during what was supposed to be a joyous moment for Josh Hader of the Milwaukee Brewers and his family quickly became a Public Relations Disaster. While Hader was pitching in the game, nasty tweets from his youth began to surface and when I say nasty I mean nasty homophobic, racist, derogatory tweets fromContinue reading “When Will Teams Learn to Check Player’s Social Media?”

2018 MLB All Star Snubs and Surprises

  We are almost to the midway point of the Major League Baseball season, which means that it’s All-Star game time. Yesterday the MLB announced the rosters for the All-Star game and some people (and players) are not happy about the names not announced yesterday. The most notable name left off the ASG roster isContinue reading “2018 MLB All Star Snubs and Surprises”